Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal

What is it?

The Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal is not really a religion. It became the dominant initiatic school of thought in Portugal during the 1900s. The Rosicrucian Fellowship is focused on the Rosicrucian philosophy taught by Max Heindel, the teacher selected by the Elder Brothers to serve as a Rosicrucian Order Messenger. The Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal is a chartered center.

Their teachings throw light on scientific and spiritual aspects related with the Universe and the Human Origin and Evolution. In the light of this Rosicrucian perspective of the telos, transcendental knowledge should be set up as a mere way to achieve the goal of perfection. Knowledge helps us to understand the true meaning of religion according to the old meaning of the word religare, or re-link, or re-unite with the divine Essence within us. Knowledge will develop a real sense of altruism and selfishness that will be the bases of a balanced society, that is, the Ideal Fellowship.

Its Message and Mission are

A sane mind, a soft heart, a sound body.

Its motto is: service


Generally, you are eligible for member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. Applicants are required to verify eligibility criteria. We will NOT accept applications of people engaged with professional hypnotism, mediumship or astrology.

For more information, please write or email us.

Revista Rosacruz – Rosicrucian Quarterly Magazine

Revista Rosacruz is an official publication of Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal. Revista Rosacruz Table of Contents includes articles on Family and Parenting, History, Food and Health, People and Culture, Philosophy, Child Training, etc. Revista Rosacruz helps the reader to fullfil his search for intelectual knowledge and also to develop a deep understanding of the misteries on man’s origin and development.

Know all about The Rosicrucian Fellowship subscribing this magazine and or giving a subscription as a gift. Subscription Rate: 4 issues for minimum 8,00 € (Portugal); 15,00 € (Europe); 32,00 € rest of the world


Social Headquarters

Rua de Manuel Múrias, 12, 5º E
1500 419  Lisboa

Mailing adresse

P.O.Box 21093
1127-001 Lisbon - Portugal



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