Max Heindel Memorial Scholarship and Prize


Max Heindel Memorial Prize for university and/or secondary student is awarded each year by the Fraternidade Rosacruz de Portugal and is supported by members and fellows and Instituto Francisco Marques Rodrigues.

João Pedro Rodrigues Freitas

attending Agrupamento de Escolas de Mirandela, District of Bragança, northern Portugal, is 2018 prize winner held on last November. He received Max Heindel Memorial prize for his academic performance and pro-social behaviour.

Award ceremony presentation photographs will be available in our online gallery next year.

Nomination of candidates for Max Heindel Memorial Prize can be made by any Rosicrucian Fellowship of Portugal member or fellow, and ROSACRUZ subscriber, among low-income students.

None of this prize or scholarship carry any future obligations on the part of the recipient.